Wednesday, July 2, 2008


well here it is! blog is up and running!

so i created this blog to kind of have a chronical of the everyday operations of trying to make my sewing my career! the first project i have going is to make iced coffee cozies for a friend of mine to bring to her scrapbooking event. it is the test to see how well they sell! if all goes goes, i'm thinking of signing up for some craft fairs! so far the status of the 40 cozies i intend to make in the next week and 1/2 is there was 12 done....then i decided i didn't like them anymore, and decided to start over...not because there was anything wrong with them but i felt like the different color cozies werent matching each other and it is all about "branding" so i started over. haha, anyways...wroking on cutting all of them out right now and then onto the sewing, at least the sewing part is quick...its the leading up to that that takes a while! once all the sewing is done i have to get a set-up display for her to take with her, business cards (shit i gotta order today!) and mailing list stuff. ok, i gotta get to work! oh yeah, and in the meantime...i have to buy a car and find a new apartment. jeeeezzz....
love, miche

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