Monday, April 22, 2013

Dreams, Hopes and Aspirations...

SO I'm going to just preface this post (and all following posts) by saying - I'm going to try to keep it real with you guys. You really want to know what it's like in LoveMich land? Well, I want to share my story so there will be a whole lot of honesty up in here from now on. 

This post was inspired by Casey @ The Wiegands! She has such a beautiful blog and a way of writing that is so special and makes you feel like you know her in “real life.” I read this post and it was almost like she was reading my mind and talking directly to ME. Take a second and go read it!

I've been feeling…well…I don’t know even know what the right words are to describe it…but off lately. Analogies work for me so let me try explaining this way… you know when you are, let’s say going for a run (not often over here but good for analogy purpose) and you are half way through and it is getting HARD like you think you might not make it another step, half of you says just throw in the towel, you made it pretty far already and its time to just let it go, plenty of people quit. And then the other half of you says, look, I know it’s hard, it’s supposed to be, and that’s why the payoff is so rewarding. You can do this, keep you head down and just keep going.

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Well that is kind of what my mind is like lately. This is for a variety of reasons. It wasn't just one event but more of an accumulation of things and the upcoming 5 year anniversary of the creation of LoveMich.  I knew it would be challenging and I knew that it would be a long road to achieve the dreams I have for this business and myself. Sometimes I am that runner mid-way through the race that just doesn't know if she can take one more step, sew one more stitch, or take one more sting to her “tough skin.”  Oops looks like I went a little off the runner analogy there. Get the idea?

Then I read Casey’s post. Finally, someone else that thought like me and said it out loud! And THEN I found a chocolate in my lunch bag and it was one of those delicious Dove Milk Chocolate ones and the message inside said “Make a list of your dreams.” Like girlfriend needed a more obvious sign than that??

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Sometimes we have to be reminded that dreams are real and they are possible. If no one ever chased their dreams, would we even have actors/actresses, singers, famous designers or even the technology that we have? Someone pursued those careers or created those inventions because they believed in themselves and so did their support system. They knew that if they just kept going a little longer, it would happen.

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Sometimes I have to be reminded of that. And here I am to remind YOU too. Your dream doesn't have to be quitting your job and owning your own business. Not all dreams mean something to do with a career. A lot of times they mean being happy, having a place to call home and a family. Whatever your dream is, believe in it and pursue it, because you deserve it. 

P.S. All of the prints I sourced are shops on Etsy and the copyrights belong to them. Please be nice and don't steal the images, go purchase yourself the print and support another artist's dream!