Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ok Ok - I'm back again!

So I said I would be back to post more frequently. Clearly - I lied. :( Bummer. I am really going to try to be here more often! I know for me personally, I love reading blogs that have the personal story behind the business so that is what I will try to do here!

So what is happening this week in the world of LoveMich and home? Well the two actually blend together, I'm not sure there really is a divide between them!

Moving on- affectionately, we tend to call my fiance/other half "Mr. LoveMich" partly because it's super funny and partly because he truly is a big part of the business! He is the person I bounce all of my ideas off of. Yup - even at 12am when I should be sleeping, I blab and blab about my ideas for LoveMich and he very kindly listens and responds. Isn't he the best! Further than just that, he helps when the cutting and ironing get out of control for just me and does the majority of the shipping. And even more so, he keeps me in check on so many levels, good and bad. When I want to buy something that isn't super necessary, he reminds me of the bottom line. When I am over stressed and want to throw my hands up, he reminds me why I love to do what I do and that I am just stressed and it'll pass. He is my favorite person. :)

What else is going on over here? OH! I was in the newspaper again! You can read the article here!

Hmm what else...well I could tell you about wedding planning...but then you won't have a reason to come back! So I'll save it for another day!


P.S. - Leave me a comment! I love to read them!! :)