Friday, June 22, 2012

A Post of Pictures!

SO - let's all be honest're not coming to my blog to read! You want pictures! And so do I when I read a blog! So here they are - I tried to capture as much variety as I could, enjoy!! :)

These are my month old birthday balloons - still inflated! I love them.


This is my commute to my day job...nothing special...and someday I will laugh at the fact that I worked full-time and ran my business full-time - all at the same time. Kinda crazy.

I have a million DVDs - TV seasons, movies, workout videos - this is how I spend endless hours sewing away, watching lots and lots of dvds. Right now Dawson's Creek Season 3 is in the player!

This guy right here is all mine! ;) Isn't he so handsome? And guess what, he's sweet as pie too! In 3 short months we will be Mr. & Mrs.!! :)

This was my "yay for surviving surgery!" gift to myself - a Mani/Pedi! And pink of course - duh.

So that's a little about me - feel free to comment below! I just love comments!!

xoxo - Mich