Thursday, July 10, 2008

Almost there!

Well after staying up until 3:30 am this morning working on the finishing touches to the cozies, they are just about ready to be shipped off to the first ever show! This is the test to see how people like them, get a buzz going and hopefully sell some! So far, the response has been good! I'm really excited about it! I have a few more to finish on my lunch break, finalize the "packaging and presentation" of them and they are off! After this weekend is when I'll determine what the next step is ...hopefully some craft fairs and then my big goal....having a booth at the Big E!!! I think then I'd feel like I made it! haha

Anyways...must get going but check out my online shop at
I have not upload any items for sale yet...I will after this weekend, but take a look anyway!

So exciting!!

Love, Miche

P.S. With a little help from a friend...I've decided that 10% of all proceeds from this weekend's sales are going to a Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

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