Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Are you getting married??

Hey girls!

Are you getting married in the near future?

Have you thought about gifts for your bridesmaids yet??

Why not give them a handmade Love,Miche Collection item!! Everything I make is handmade with care and love and would make a beautiful and personal gift!

There are gifts for every budget! Depending on how many you order, the bigger the discount!

Here are some ideas:

-Coffee Cozies (retail price $12 each)*
-Makeup Bags (retail price $18 each)*
-Tote Bags (retail price $35 each)*
-Overnight Bags (retail price $70 each)* <--I will have a pic up soon!

Email me with how many you would need and I will tell you the discounted rate! ilovemiche@hotmail.com

*These are typical prices, depending on the type of fabric and size of the bag, it could be a little more. :)