Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If I didn't work in an office....

...Top 5 Things I’d do if I didn’t work in a professional office environment...

1. Get my nose pierced. (Nothing crazy, just a little stud!)Looks cute on Miley!


2. Dye the ends of my hair pink. Or purple. Or blue. Because this looks AWESOME!


3. Get more tattoos. These are all so pretty!!


4. Wear JEANS every.single.day. with paint splattered all over them. I am so loving Miley's outfit in this picture! It's cool and laid back but totally stylish! Ahhhh LOVE!!


5. Bring my dog to work. This is not my pup but OMG is he not so cute!! Hmmm...I think I was just inspired for a photo shoot with Chance! :)


So does your day job constrict your personal style at all? What would you do differently? How far do you think I can push the envelope and which of these do you think I can get away with!?!


Steph Depelteau said...

I wish you could get away with ALL of the above! SOO cute! You could probably get away with more tattoos as long as they can be covered or in places you can not see! :)

The Love, Mich Collection said...

Haha me too! I'm going to slowly try to get away with a few...def could get a few more tattoos in places you can't see and I might try to make some paint splattered jeans! :)