Tuesday, January 29, 2013

THE dress.

{This is the first part in a series of posts about our wedding!}
{We were married on Friday, September 21st, 2012}

There is a story about my wedding dress.
This dress was not the one I had originally bought.
The dress I originally bought was at a sample sale about a year before the wedding. It is beautiful and the price was so right but as the months grew closer to the wedding I couldn't help but think maybe it wasn't “me” enough.

{All photographs by Michelle Girard Photography

The thoughts were so nagging and I would see other people’s recent wedding photos and think, “Ohhhh but her dress is so “her.”’ Finally, my sister and I decided we had to at least go look at other dresses. She made an appointment for us at a boutique bridal shop in our hometown of Agawam, Bancroft Bridals.

To say the experience was a world of difference from David’s Bridal (which we had also tried before) is an understatement. David’s Bridal felt like a cattle call, the dressing rooms were like small coffins and the dresses were, well, the exact same that everyone else had. If you know me, you know, I want something different, that no one else would walk out in.

I explained what I was looking for at Bancroft Bridal and I was assisted by the owner, Tara. She was so incredibly nice and helpful. She made us feel so special (thanks Tara!). We picked out a bunch of dresses to try and there was one last one that was in another dressing room that she brought in last minute and both my sister and I immediately said “Ohhhh!”

The dress was a dream. It was romantic, pretty, modern, full of whimsical ruffles, princess-like and figure flattering. It was THE dress.

I put it on and our eyes lit up. Finally, I had found the dress that was meant for me. And truly, everyone kept telling me how “me” it was. Jackpot!

It was such a fun dress to wear, it moved so beautifully when I walked and when I spun around the ruffles floated along with me like a cloud. It was so fluffy and romantic. If I could wear the dress everyday forever, I would.

And aren't the shoes just amazing?? All GLITTER! I loved them and still love them. I need a place to wear them again!

The dress was obviously just one part of our wonderful wedding day. Stay tuned for more posts about getting ready, the ceremony, the reception and all the beautiful pictures and memories!


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