Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I've got a new last name! ;)

Here I am! Phew, we had a gap there didn't we! Sorry about that...

So the reason I am trying to blog more is because I really enjoy reading other people's blogs. Particularly, I love to read about the people behind handmade businesses! For me, it makes me feel like I have a connection to them and I just love to know how other people move throughout their days and what their lives are like! So I will try to open up a bit more about myself and hopefully we can get to know each other!

First story: WEDDING! (09/21/12) Things were CRAZY around here before the wedding. But like everyone says, everything somehow came together and it was wonderful!!

Here's a picture of us in the limo!

Then we skipped off for a romantic HONEYMOON in Vermont! The resort we stayed at was awesome! It is called the Sterling Ridge Resort in Jeffersonville, VT. We were able to bring the pup, Chance, and he had SO much fun. Shout out to my moms for sending us there! :)

When we came home we did something really fun! We went to ABC40/WGGB Studios and shot a segment for SimplyLiving! It was so incredibly cool! And let me tell you...I could get used to doing that everyday! ;) The picture is of me and Host, Maggie Pereiras! She's so very nice and we totally clicked!

The next morning I whipped up a custom cozy and keychain set and skipped off to the post office! I then thought...hmm I must bring back these sets for the holidays! Noted!

We also went to the BIG E this past weekend. It is my favorite place EVER. If you have never been, I am telling you that you must make a trip out to Western Massachusetts for the Fair next year. You can eat delicious food, shop unique and awesome local items, walk through the state buildings and learn all about New England! I've gone every year since I was a baby, so I might be a little bias but it is my favorite time of year! And even better - our wedding anniversary will fall during Big E season every year! Bonus!

Is there anything you want to know about me? Any blog topics you'd like to see me cover?? Email me! or comment below!

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