Thursday, August 21, 2014

Keepin' It Chill with Iced Coffee Cozies at GBK Primetime EMMY Gift Lounge

Here we are again! Sharing the details about our participation in GBK's pre-Primetime Emmy Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge! Since I haven't done an official interview about this yet, I'll interview myself here! (any real media that would like to feature our story please email me!)

You can also check out my press release regarding the event here!

What are you gifting to the celebs in these swag bags?

We pumped out 100 coffee cozies that are individually wrapped in linen bags with our logo stamped on the front! By "we", I mean my fabulous assistant Jamie and I. :)

How did you decide what to send as the gifts to best represent your brand?
Well, the cozies have been my best seller since day one. The reason being is because they are just plain awesome. Believe me, if you have not used one and then get one, you will wonder how you ever drank iced drinks without it before! Not to mention I pick out some pretty rad fabrics that are pretty to stare at. ;) Also, most celebs live in the warmer California climate and I thought it was something they could use year-round! (Even though I drink iced coffee in the winter so I do use mine all year, plus they fit on many hot coffee cups!)

Did you say you were also displaying at the event?
Why yes I did! We also created three brand spanking new Ruffle Wristlets for the display at the event in Beverly Hills, CA! How awesome is THAT?! I decided on three combos that were complimentary together but also equally awesome on their own. Let's hope they catch the eye of some of our favorite Emmy nominees! They are also now available in my Etsy shop!

How did you get involved with doing these events?
Well, funny you should ask. I found The Artisan Group a few years ago. I researched what I had to do to apply and their guidelines and then procrastinated applying because I wasn't sure if I was good enough yet. Well, eventually I said to myself, just apply already! So I did, and turns out, I am good enough and I was accepted! (p.s. you are good enough! always believe that!) Through this group we are afforded so many awesome opportunities with award shows, TV shows, etc. Not to mention there is an entire group of members I probably would not have "met" otherwise and they are great friends and resources! If you make handmade products and are serious about furthering your business, I highly recommend you consider applying!

Celebs get so much for free, why send them gifts?
Well, plain and simple, I don't look at it like that. I look at it as advertising and marketing. I don't think anyone can deny that a photo of a celebrity with your product splashed across the pages of a weekly gossip magazine is the ultimate feeling of having "made it." Whether or not that results in sales, those are some pretty great bragging rights and I will take advantage of every opportunity that puts me one step closer to growing my business.

I hope you enjoyed me interviewing myself! Follow along to see who ends up at the event and see if we get any feedback about the Coffee Cozies and Ruffle Wristlets!

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